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Vibrant: “full of life and vitality.”     

Glow: “a heightened radiant bloom in a person’s complexion as a result of good health.”

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Holistic Services That Promote Authentic, Esthetic Enhancement
Our quest for vitality will be obtained only through feeling good on the inside and projecting radiant beauty on the outside.  Your skin is the resilient living fabric that envelops your entire self.  Remember: If your skin is not functioning properly, your overall well-being will be greatly compromised.
Why Is Healthy Skin A Must For Vibrant Health?
The skin is more than just your body's external decoration. With a preoccupation of its external appearance, the skin's vital functions are often overlooked. Your skin reflects your internal health. As the first line of defense, your skin serves the body’s  primary immunological network that guards you from external invasion.
Why Natural Skin Care Products?
Are you aware that most skin care products are full of toxic chemicals? The average person uses approximately one dozen personal care products per day, year after year. To make matters worse, daily exposure is heightened  by chemical products remaining on the skin all day.

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Holistic Skin Care is our Mantra

That's right, toxic ingredients produce cumulative effects. Ever consider how the residue of stored toxic contaminates in your personal “body burden” may affect your health?

Another concern is the increasing scientific evidence that many of  today’s skin care products and “beauty treatments” may actually exacerbate the conditions they’re designed to treat. The ingredients in many popular products, and the manner in which common cosmetic procedures are performed, result in the phenomenon called “inflammaging,” which directly links ongoing tissue inflammation to skin damage and premature aging.


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Remember: If your skin is not functioning properly, your overall well-being will be greatly compromised. Make your appointment today. I put the "care" back in skin care!

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